What is the biggest mistake that companies make when hiring for their sales teams?

šŸ¤” Ever wondered how you can improve the Sales hires you make in your business?

If so, this interview with Richard Adams of Sharpstone is a must watch! Richard rightly highlights that Sales roles aren’t all the same. There are nuances to roles that require hiring for different skill sets and personality types.

The biggest mistake made? Companies typically start with a job title they want to fill, whereas the better approach is to focus on the role:

āœ… What does a day in the life of that sales team member look like?

āœ… Are they talking to warm leads and existing clients, or are they trying to open doors with totally new companies?

The answers to these questions have a major impact on what your ideal hire will look like, so starting with this in mind sets you up to make a successful hire. Makes sense doesn’t it?