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Our executive search solution is for exec-level mandates with groundwork that includes a deeper dive into the leadership team and all relevant stakeholders. Using rigorous search methodology to deliver a high quality shortlist of business, sales, and operational leaders with an extended guarantee

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Effective succession planning

Planning how to shape the future leadership structure is crucial for a business to maintain growth and future funding. Effective succession planning gives a company a distinct advantage over their competitors and can impact long term employee retention.

Aligning leaders with company culture

Company culture is the primary factor keeping people and organisations together. Hiring decisions made on gut feel, experience and urgency can be catastrophic if it transpires later on there is not a cultural fit.

The cost of getting it wrong

CEOs are less concerned with the hiring costs and more concerned with the cost implications of getting it wrong. A bad executive hire can cause irreparable damage to a company reputation as well as average costs of up to 3 x the annual salary.

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Managing Directors | Director of Operations | Commercial Director | Sales Director | General Manager | Director of Service Operations |

We got a genuine, personal service and a real focus on our recruitment process, which was well managed and structured. Louisa was the person that identified where we should search and what type of sectors people would come from, which were not sectors we had considered ourselves.

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Louisa Fleet's process is painless and easy. I let them know what is required and they bring me people that I stand a chance of hiring. I didn't have to be overly involved which is what I wanted, but Louisa kept us close to the process.

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Some recruiters can be a bit mechanistic, generating lists and interviews without much thought, and charging hefty fees for the privilege. I am happy to say that wasn't the case with Louisa's team

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The whole process feels honest and not staged, it felt more engaging than what we had experienced previously and that we and the interviewees were really looked after. All interviewees that we saw were exceptional and exceeded what we thought was possible.

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The candidates you have placed with us will bring such value to our business, the cost looks miniscule in comparison

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