Talent Mapping

Talent mapping is a strategic approach used by organisations to plan for their future talent needs. It involves identifying key positions, assessing current staff capabilities, and evaluating external talent pools to understand where gaps might exist. The aim is to ensure that there is a match between the organisation’s long-term goals and the skills and career trajectories of its current and potential employees.

The importance of talent mapping extends beyond mere recruitment. It allows for more informed decisions in succession planning, internal promotions, and development programmes. In an ever-changing business landscape, having a robust talent mapping strategy ensures that you’re prepared for shifts in market demands, technological changes, and internal restructures.

Typically, talent mapping is a multi-step process:

  1. Identify Key Roles: Start by pinpointing which positions are critical for the organisation’s success.

  2. Assess Internal Talent: Evaluate the skills, experience, and potential of current employees against the needs of these roles.

  3. Analyse External Talent Pool: Examine the broader labour market to understand what skills are available and at what cost.

  4. Gap Analysis: Determine where there are shortcomings in your current talent pool and formulate plans to address them.

  5. Action Planning: Finally, create targeted development plans for internal staff and sourcing strategies for external hires.

By taking a comprehensive view of talent needs, talent mapping supports more effective workforce planning and enhances the organisation’s competitive edge.

From technology to healthcare, talent mapping is versatile and can be adapted to any industry’s unique requirements. The granularity of the process can also be tailored—ranging from mapping talents for specific projects to organisational-wide strategies.

Our talent mapping solution is designed to set your organisation up for long-term success

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Quality of hire

Finding the necessary quality of hire when contingent recruitment or direct methods have failed. In today's marketplace, demand is outstripping supply

Time to hire

Accessing quality talent, quickly and efficiently, through the traditional hiring methods isn't yielding the right results - critical positions remain unfilled

Retention of hire

Every hire is a big investment, and it's only by retaining talent that you will see a return on investment

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We got a genuine, personal service and a real focus on our recruitment process, which was well managed and structured. Louisa was the person that identified where we should search and what type of sectors people would come from, which were not sectors we had considered ourselves.

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Louisa Fleet's process is painless and easy. I let them know what is required and they bring me people that I stand a chance of hiring. I didn't have to be overly involved which is what I wanted, but Louisa kept us close to the process.

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Some recruiters can be a bit mechanistic, generating lists and interviews without much thought, and charging hefty fees for the privilege. I am happy to say that wasn't the case with Louisa's team

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The whole process feels honest and not staged, it felt more engaging than what we had experienced previously and that we and the interviewees were really looked after. All interviewees that we saw were exceptional and exceeded what we thought was possible.

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The candidates you have placed with us will bring such value to our business, the cost looks miniscule in comparison

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